Aria Far




About Aria Far,Certified clinical master herbalist and Owner of Alovitox

Aria Far is not only the owner of this Alovitox, but is also a well-educated and experienced engineer. He spent more than 20 years studying and performing his specialty of quality assurance in the field of industrial engineering, which is a part of the reason his logical mind became driven to combine his knowledge of what works and how, with ingredients that are meant for a healthy lifestyle, as nature intended.

Interest in herbal medicine started at a very young age for Aria, where he felt the need to find ways where he could replace how we treat and view ailments. The idea was to create a lifestyle filled with natural remedies, and organic nutrition, versus one filled with synthetic chemicals created for the sole purpose of symptom relief.

Graduating as a Certified Clinical Master herbalist from The Natural Healing Institute in San Diego is how and where his career started in herbology. Recently, he has established Alovitox with the intention to pursue his dream of providing natural substitutes to everyday unhealthy choices, for those who wish to pursue natural and organic remedies as a lifestyle.