Matcha Mint Iced Tea

Matcha. <3 The antioxidant-rich, vitamin-packed, energy-boosting, metabolism-revving, mind-calming, mood-enhancing, disease-fighting, detoxifying, and fiber rich TEA that will add some bliss to your life. Enjoy it ice cold to beat the summer heat with zen.

Total Preparation Time: 5 Minutes | Servings: 2



    2 cups filtered water
    2 teaspoons Alovitox Japanese Matcha Green Tea
    2 cups crushed ice
    1 sliced lime
    A handful or two of fresh mint leaves
    Optional sweetener (Alovitox low-glycemic Yacon Syrup, honey, or stevia) to taste. 


    In a large leakproof jar or cocktail shaker, vigorously shake together the water and matcha until there are no lumps.
    Add the ice, a squeeze of lime, handfuls of mint, and sweetener if you’d like.
    Shake it some more.
    Pour into glasses, add extra lime slices and mint. 

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