Whitney Adams

About Whitney Adams, B.A.Sc.(Nutrition), B.A.Sc.(Health Sciences)

“My skills as a Personal Training Specialist and Fitness Professional combined with my nutritional qualifications have added to my research capabilities by equipping me with in-person experience to reduce, control and prevent symptoms of chronic illness, enhance mobility and exercise performance, and improve overall body composition and well-being.”

Whitney qualified for her first degree from Ashford University giving her a keen edge in the nutrition-based science. Her qualification was complemented by her second degree from the University of Illinois giving her additional qualifications to enable her offer the best mixture of fitness and performance training supported by a solid nutrition-based regimen.

Her areas of expertise include; -

  • Cross-Fit training principles (Level 1).
  •  Performance-based nutrition.
  •  Personal training advice.
  •  Anti-aging nutritional advice
  • Anti-oxidant-based foods.

It is also advisable to infuse naturally sourced, super foods into one’s diet in order to benefit the consumer with a wider range of anti-oxidants and other unique ingredients. Super foods such as maca, which is native to South America, provide the endocrine system with new balance in order to restore the best natural hormonal balance healthy active lifestyles require.

Lucuma fruits are yet another super food sourced from the Andean mountains of Chile and Peru that benefits the health and nutritional regimen of an active fitness regimen. The berries offer a huge load of natural anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and beta-carotene while loading the consumer on naturally sourced minerals such as zinc and calcium. Camucamu berries also come from Peru’s rain forest and provide consumers with astringent, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties available from few other sources.

One of the most important natural detoxifier is matcha, a naturally prepared green tea that differs from conventional forms of tea. The consumer benefits from the whole leaf’s wide range of cancer-fighting, immune-boosting, mood-enhancing, and DNA-revitalizing properties.

Combined with a good fitness training and exercise regimen, such optimized nutrition and guidance will offer the consumer with a better chance at a long, active and healthy life.


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