Organic Arracacha Powder

Our Organic Arracacha Powder makes for an excellent gluten-free flour alternative to add to your baked goods and breads or as a thickener for your favorite soups and stew recipes.

Why You Will Love Alovitox Organic Arracacha Powder:

Originally from South America, the Arracacha is a root vegetable that is similar to a cross between a carrot and celery root. It is considered to be a major commercial crop in the region making this starchy taproot a popular food item.

If you’re looking for a gluten-free alternative to traditional flour, our Organic Arracacha Powder makes for a great option in your baked goods, pasta, soups, stews, and pastry recipes. It’s also known for being more digestible than other root vegetables making it an ideal additive to baby foods and recipes prepared for invalids.

Our Organic Arracacha Powder contains calcium, iron, protein, niacin, Vitamin B1, P-carotene, and ascorbic acid.

Benefits from Organic Arracacha Powder may include:

- Aiding with weight loss efforts
- Helps the body deal with stress
- Enhances brain function and reduces inflammation


Ingredients:Certified Organic Arracacha root
Food Allergy:
USDA Organic, Raw, No Salt, No Soy, Gluten Free, No Sugar, Vegan, Non-GMO, No Trans Fat, and Kosher.
Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place.


Alovitox Certified Organic



How to Use Organic Arracacha Powder Every Day:

Our Organic Arracacha Powder can be used in place of flour in your baked goods, bread, pasta, dumpling, and pastry recipes. It also can act as a thickener in your favorite soup and stew recipes.

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