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Organic Golden Berries

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  • Golden Berries Overview

    Goldenberries, also known as” Incan berries” or "Cape Goose Berries” have been cultivated for thousands of years in the magnificent Andes mountains where they grow profusely. These small, golden fruits are handpicked and sun-dried. Their chewiness and robust sweet and tart flavor make them apopular ingredient in various desserts, baked goods and salads. The berries can also be eaten by themselves as a healthy snack.
  • Golden Berries Benefits

    Several traditional and folk healing methods around the world have recognized the many medicinal properties attributed to this sweet and tart berry. Goldenberries contain many vitamins and minerals;however, the real value of this fruit is the antioxidant concentration. Polyphenols and carotenoids are powerful elements of human health, and golden berries contain significant amounts. Specifically, Goldenberries are a good source of Vitamin A, with 25% of recommended daily value per serving. In addition, with 10% of recommended daily value per serving, Goldenberries are also a good source of Potassium.

    Goldenberries are a healthy food. The statements herein have not been reviewed by the FDA. Alovitox Naturals products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Golden Berries FAQs:

    Q: Do Goldenberries go by other names?

    A: Yes, Physalis peruviana, is their technical name, howeverGoldenberries are popular all over the world and thus have different names. As mentioned, they are also known as Incan berries and Cape Goose berries, but may also go by Aztec berry, Pichuberry, Poha, Harankash, Chinese Lanterns among a dozen or more other common names.

    Q: Are there any side effects or precautions to eating Goldenberries?

    A: Goldenberries are considered a raw, natural fruit, however, it should be noted eating unripe Goldenberries can be poisonous, so picking them from the wild is usually not recommended. Also, if you have known allergies to any berries, be sure to speak with your doctor. Although, it should be noted, golden berries are more closely related to nightshade plants (tomatoes and eggplants) rather than cherries or other berries, the allergenic potential is much the same of berries.
  • Ingredients:Organic Golden Berries

    Origin: We source our organic Golden Berries from Huanuco Y junin in the Peruvian Andes.

    Suggested Use:as a snack eat straight out of the bag or to combine with others such as cacao nibs and dried fruits.

                                      %100 organic
                                    Gluten Free
                                    No Additives
                                     No Preservatives
                                    No Artificial Colors

    Our Source Certifications: USDA Organic, EU organic, JAS organic, HACCP, KOSHER, Halal, Fair Trade

    Storage: Reseal bag after opening. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Certified Organic Golden Berries

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