Organic Yacon Powder

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  • Yacon Powder Overview

    Alovitox Yacon Powder

    Trying to cut down on sugar and looking for a sweet alternative to add to all the foods you love? You can count on Alovitox Yacon products to provide a flavor that you cannot resist!


    Found in the Andes Mountains of South America, ‘The Peruvian Ground Apple,’ is a beneficial plant with tuberous root vegetables that are often consumed raw. Packed full of Fructo-oligosaccharides local farmers cultivate Yacon for its nutritional value and delicious taste.


    Alovitox Yacon Powder makes for an easy and tasty substitute for sugar or artificial sweeteners. Now there is a better way to enjoy all the treats that you thought you would need to be rid of!

    Add to baking and continue to enjoy your favorite treats!

    A healthier lifestyle could be a piece of cake! (Quite literally!)


    It doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom! Because this particular style of Alovitox Yacon product is a powder, it goes great into baking as it creates a fantastic consistency that makes room to indulge.


    Here you can see the typical breakdown of Yacon’s composition:

















    And with the lowest score in comparison to other natural sweeteners of the Glycemic Index, Alovitox Yacon Powder is the best raw, organic, natural, low-calorie, gluten-free sweetener available that also friendly to vegans!

    Alter how you eat the things you love!


    You can still enjoy ALL of your usual guilty pleasures by choosing to cook with Alovitox Yacon Powder.


          100% natural

          100% additive-free

          Amazing flavor


          Low Glycemic Index - (with the best score for sugar-based sweeteners!)


          Great source of fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

          Provides the body with inulin

          May improve the digestive system

           Could help with weight-loss


    Alovitox only manufactures certified organic ingredients sourced from regional areas to bring you the highest-quality superfoods and support the smaller communities worldwide who work hardest to supply the freshest produce.


    Get your Alovitox Yacon Powder now at a limited time offer special discounted price and claim your FREE Cookbook!




  • Yacon Powder Benefits

    Alovitox Yacon Powder


    Here is a listed summary of reasons to choose Alovitox Yacon Powder as your natural sweetener when you cook the foods you love the most!


         100% natural

         100% additive-free

         Organically produced in the Andes Mountains of Peru

         Amazing flavor


         Low Glycemic Index - (with the best score for sugar-based sweeteners!)


         Great source of fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

         Provides the body with inulin

         May improve the digestive system

          Could help with weight-loss

    And just when you thought it couldn't get any better . . .

    Here are a list of advantages of ALL Alovitox products:


          Certified 100% Organic Produce

          Raw, Unrefined, Unprocessed & All-natural Ingredients

          Vegan Friendly

          Gluten Free

          Zero Additives

          Zero Preservatives

          Zero Artificial Substances

          Reusable and Recyclable Packaging


  • Yacon Powder FAQs

    Q: What is the difference between Yacon Powder and Yacon syrup extract?

    A: When in syrup form. Yacon has the consistency of honey or molasses. It can be supplemented with some foods as a low-calorie sugar alternative.Yacon root syrup is produced by juicing the Yacon and then collecting the juice through evaporation. The juice is then heated into a dark liquid after it is evaporated On the other hand, Yacon powder is the primary root that has been dried and ground into very fine flour.

    Q: Does Yacon Powder have any side effects?

    A: Limited studies in humans have not recorded adverse effects with moderate usage of Yacon powder.However, excess intake may results in intestinal side-effects, possibly related to excessive fermentation of FOS in the colon, leading to the production of gas and loose stool. One case study records that there is a possibility of being allergic to Yacon. However, this condition is inferred rare since limited reports of allergy have been reported.

    Q: How safe is Yacon Powder to pregnant and breast feeding women?

    A: Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking Yacon powder if you are pregnant or breast feeding. We recommend pregnant and nursing women avoid use or consult their doctor for complete approval prior to use.
  • Ingredients:Organic Yacon Powder

    Origin: We source our organic Yacon from Oxapampa in the Peruvian Andes.

    Suggested Use:use yacon powder to add sweetness to baked goods, smoothies, coffee, tea, juices  and sprinkled on foods.

                                      %100 organic
                                      Gluten Free
                                       No Additives
                                      No Preservatives
                                     No Artificial Colors

    Our Source Certifications: USDA Organic, EU organic, JAS organic, HACCP, KOSHER, Halal, Fair Trade

    Storage: Reseal bag after opening. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.


Certified Organic Yacon Powder

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