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Organic Lucuma Morning

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  • Lucuma Morning Overview

    Thought you would have to wave goodbye to all of your preferred dishes and beverages due to cutting out sugar? Think again! There is no need to worry about finding a natural alternative to substitute all the foods that you love when Alovitox have made it super easy for you! Today, there is a sensible way to enjoy the foods and drinks that you love without the worry or risks of excess sugar . . . Now you can be sure to continue to enjoy flavor like never before!

    For those who are seeking a better option when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, then look no further! The answer is right here! Alovitox Pure Yacon Syrup makes quitting sugar a piece of cake! (Literally!)

    Drizzle over your favorite recipes!

    Alovitox Yacon products are brought to you all the way from the Andes Mountains of South America. Also known as ‘The Peruvian Ground Apple,’ this beneficial plant holds edible tuberous root vegetables which have been traditionally cultivated for centuries! Yacon is renowned worldwide for nutritional value and delicious taste (which is just like caramel!)


    Alovitox Pure Yacon Syrup derives its sweetness from Fructo-oligosaccharides, and has the lowest score in comparison to other natural sweeteners in the Glycemic Index! It is the best raw, organic, natural, low-calorie, low-glycemic and vegan-friendly sweetener available!

    Reevaluate the way you eat - without missing out on the taste!


    As well as being stored in a safe and reusable BPA-free glass jar to ensure the preservation of flavors and goodness, here are several other reasons to choose Alovitox Pure Yacon Syrup!


    • 100% natural
    • 100% additive-free
    • Amazing flavor
    • Low-calories
    • Low Glycemic Index - (with the best score for sugar-based sweeteners!)
    • Antioxidants
    • Great source of fructooligosaccharides (FOS)
    • Provides the body with inulin
    • May Improve the digestive system
    • May help Weight-loss properties


    That’s right! You can still enjoy ALL of your guilty pleasures by opting to add this fabulous new Alovitox certified organic ingredient that was sourced from areas of origin by local farmers to bring you the highest-quality superfoods.


    Get your Alovitox Pure Yacon Syrup now at a limited time offer special discounted price and choose to lead a healthier lifestyle today.

  • Luma Morning Benefits

    Here is a listed summary of reasons to choose Alovitox Pure Yacon Syrup as your natural sweetener!


    • 100% natural
    • 100% additive-free
    • Organically produced in the Andes Mountains of Peru
    • Amazing flavor
    • Low-calories
    • Low Glycemic Index - (with the best score for sugar-based sweeteners!)
    • Antioxidants
    • Great source of fructooligosaccharides (FOS)
    • Provides the body with inulin
    • May help Improve the digestive system
    • May help Weight-loss properties
    • Reusable, recyclable BPA-free glass jar

    And just when you thought it couldn't get any better . . .

    Here are a list of advantages of ALL Alovitox products:


    • Certified 100% Organic Produce
    • Raw, Unrefined, Unprocessed & All-natural Ingredients
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Gluten Free
    • Zero Additives
    • Zero Preservatives
    • Zero Artificial Substances
    • Reusable and Recyclable Packaging

  • Luma Morning FAQs:

    Q: : How much Lucuma Morning should I consume daily?

    A: : Luma Morning should be treated like normal coffee and consumed in moderation to prevent ingestion of excessive caffeine. You can add a teaspoon in smoothies, yogurt, and in hot drinks such as coffee and chocolate. It can also be added to hot water and sweetened with honey.

    Q: Does Lucuma Morning have any side effects?

    A: Lucuma Morning has some mild side effects based on some of the ingredients used. The quinoa content might present some consumers with bloating due to the small quantities of saponins present. Additionally, the cinnamon could irritate the mucosa of asthmatic patients if consumed in large quantities. Otherwise, the product has not adverse side effects. However, medical advice should be considered before use as is the case with all natural health food supplements.

    Q: Is Lucuma Morning safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers?

    A: There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking cacao morning if you are pregnant or breast feeding. We recommend pregnant and nursing women avoid use or consult their doctor for complete approval prior to use.
  • Ingredients:Organic Lucuma powder, Organic Gelatinized Purple Corn Powder, Organic Mesquite Powder, Organic Gelatinized Quinoa Powder, Organic Cinnamon Powder

    Origin: We source our organic Cacao mix from Peruvian Amazon forest and Andes high mountains.

    Process: Selection and cleansing, rinse and sanitization, seed removal, drying, milling and sieving and packing.

    Suggested Use:: can be added to any beverage, smoothie, yogurt, granola, pudding or pastry.

                                      %100 organic
                                    Gluten Free
                                    No Additives
                                     No Preservatives
                                    No Artificial Colors
                                     Non-irradiated product


    Store in fresh and dry places. Keep away from direct and Keep it in the original pack closed once opened.

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