Natural Sweeteners & Sugar Substitude Combo

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Natural Sweeteners Bundle

If your mission is to cut down or even quit sugar and you also wish to avoid artificial sweeteners, then you will love this Alovitox Natural Sweetener Bundle!

Now you can still enjoy all the sweet foods you thought just wouldn’t work for a healthier lifestyle.

Alovitox has made it an easy transition by combining a fantastic variety pack of certified organic ingredients that make for great and tasty sugar alternatives to suit your cravings.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Say hello to the sugar substitutes that taste just as good, if not better and also bring about benefits too . . .

  • Drizzle over your favorite meals or add to any drink! Low in the Glycemic Index, Alovitox Yacon Syrup is carefully made with to sweeten all of those guilty pleasures!
  • Alovitox Yacon Powder is perfect for baking, so you can indulge in cookies and cakes without having to worry about those extra calories. In fact, you can be sure to receive a high quantity of inulin fiber and Fructose!
  • Enjoy ice cream with a twist of fruit, Alovitox Lucuma Powder is famous for its flavor and potassium