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Organic Ginkgo Leaf Powder - 16oz


Organic Ginkgo – Brain Food for Healthy Aging Spiders, bees, saying hi to a stranger, driving on the interstate. . . .

There are a lot of scary things out there. But nothing compares to the unforeseen future of our brain health as we age. So this is why we carry organic ginkgo powder for our shoppers to help support and maintain a healthy brain for more peace of mind. Excuse the pun.

Simple enough, the chemical in ginkgo has one main function: to maintain healthy blood circulation, which supports your aging brain, eyes, ears, and legs.

As we get older, circulation is everything, especially for our brain!

Ginkgo is one of those herbs that is fantastic to add to your diet as another health insurance policy for health prevention. Ginkgo seeds also contain substances that might kill bacteria and fungi that cause infections in the body.

Other benefits that researchers have found that ginkgo may be good for:

Improves circulation around the brain, so it helps with stress.

Helps maintain healthy blood sugar.


If you do a search on “health benefits of ginkgo,” you’ll see a list of benefits that stretch around the block. But most of them have not been proven to work. So please be careful when doing your research. If you are looking for something different to add to your diet for what we have talked about, then try our organic ginkgo powder.

Just like all our other powders, this is convenient to add to many foods and drinks. And it’s absolutely fantastic to add to your supplements and overall healthy diet for better protection against many of the age-related health issues out there.

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