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Certified Organic Supersnacks Combo

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Supersnack Bundle

We all love to snack, so why not be sure to make little nibbles a more natural choice? Now you can top-up your energy at any hour with raw, unprocessed and delicious superfoods! Take advantage of The Super Snack Bundle by Alovitox, a combination of nutritious ingredients perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle!

Eating on-the-go but want to stop worrying about so-called ‘convenient’ fast food options? Alovitox has made it easy to stock up on certified organic ingredients to keep you energized throughout the day!

Nutritious Nibbles = Sufficient Snacks!

Wave goodbye to carbs while enjoying tasty treats.

  • Handpicked Alovitox Golden Berries are sun dried for you to indulge on their own or add to a more substantial meal. Low calories and a great source of Vitamin C, niacin and thiamin!
  • Boost phytochemicals with Alovitox Cacao Nibs straight from the pod! Added Yacon Syrup makes for an irresistible flavor . . . But don’t worry, you can have more! (This chocolate snack will actually help shift weight!)
  • Organic, delicious and packed full of nutrients, Alovitox Goji Berries are traditionally used in Chinese medicine for being high-antioxidants.
  • Alovitox Yacon Slices - ‘The Ultimate Super Snack’ with zero excess calories and intake of inulin as well as all needed FOS!